What’s pink and pink and pink all over? You guessed it! : )

With much love from our friends at Visit California, the Juice Team was finally able to live our own dream of capturing one of SLO County’s most glorious (pink!) icons. Watch as we follow the bespectacled, bow-tied Dream Eater himself as he bounces on kitschy beds, slurps pink cocktails by the pool and—of course—digs into Madonna Inn’s famous Pink Champagne Cake.  


Of course, there are so many incredible eats in SLO County to discover, and the world thinks so, too! We’ve already garnered nearly half a million views for our home county! To say we are proud is an understatement. We’re thrilled!

Want to see your own backyard lit up on the world wide marquee? Head over to Youtube and see for yourself how Dream Eater grubs down in SLO town. Of course, we were hot on the trail of some bacon-topped clam chowder at Pismo Beach’s Splash Cafe (a day at the beach is always a great day at "the office" for us!)


...And what could be better to top all of this local love off than a night cap at SLO’s Sidecar, where mixology and magic collide?


The Juice Team was honored to work with Visit California to create a slew of colorful and fun California Dream Eater videos in the series, spanning the Bay Area, Santa Barbara,Los Angeles and beyond! Learn more about California Dream Eater and view all of our scrumptious videos at visitcalifornia.com.

Stay delicious, SLO County!

The Juice Team