We'd like to thank the academy! The Oscars might be long over, but Juice is still feeling the glow from recent recognition from our peers! This year we brought home a whopping 5 Silvers and 2 Golds at the 2016 American Advertising Awards Coastal California competition. 

Several of these entries will be forwarded to the District 15 Competition, meaning more big wins are sure to come down the pike. What can we say, when it comes to creative brand-building, we live to work and work to live!

What's an Addy, you ask? Just the most coveted win a creative agency like ourselves can receive! The ADDY Awards is the world's largest advertising competition with over 5,000,000 entries annually. We are so proud to continue creating award-winning work. 

Congratulations to our hard-working team, fabulous clients, and stellar partnered agencies!

Here's a peek at our recently celebrated work:






Category: Film/Video/Sound Branded Content, More Than :60 Seconds
Award: Gold
Advertiser: Silver Oak

HEARTS AND WINES - Connecting wines with generations; putting an emotional pulse on bygone vintages; spurring passionate moments, once frozen in time, back to dazzling life. This was Juice's sincere mission as we embarked on film, video and branded content for Silver Oak Winery's incredible library program. As you can see from our video, anything worth saving (and savoring) takes time, dedication, and hard work. And this truly is the work we are proud to carry out, each and every day.

Credits: Dina Mande, Director; Chelsea Schmitz, Camera Operator; Chelsea Schmitz, Audio; Dina Mande, Editor; Tony DeGarimore, Drone Pilot


Category: Webisodes
Award: Gold Advertiser: Visit California

KEEPING 'EM HUNGRY FOR MORE - Filled with flavorful food and hilarious characters, our delectable Dream Eater Series has proven its prowess as an entertaining, drool-inducing love letter to California's best culinary destinations. Juice can only take credit for the stunning web series, though...The fantastic, five-star chefs deserve the rest of the kuddos!

Credits: Dina Mande, Director; Chelsea Schmitz, Camera Operator; Aubrey Wynn, Assistant Director; Matthew Mattson, Editor; Chelsea Schmitz, Editor; — Producer Liz Ross, Creative Director, Kerry Krasts, Art Director Colm Conn, Writer Emily Frei







Category: Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
Award: Silver
Advertiser: ONX

Renegade Refresh - One of the best perks of our job (besides the epic wine)? Working with true pioneers, artists, and renegades. ONX Wines is not your grandma's winery, and our integrated brand identity campaign sets their presence apart with personality and panache to spare. When bold blends, fresh ideas, and passionate people come together, the result is vivacious, vivid, and totally tactile. With this eclectic energy in mind, Juice created a fresh vision for ONX that feels so downright urgent that you could almost reach out and grab it. Viva la revolucion!

Credits: Dina Mande, Creative Director, Photographer; Lindsay Masten, Art Director


Category: Integrated Brand Identity Campaign
Award: Silver
Advertiser: TH Estate Wines, Jennifer HoageCredits: Dina Mande, Creative Director; Lindsay Masten, Art Director

BIRTH OF AN ICON - So many clients ask, "How can we stand out from the pack?" Believe it or not, the answer is simple...so simple, the truth is usually hiding just under our clients' noses. Sometimes all you really need is an outside force to hold up a mirror. TH Estate Wines is a perfect example of this beautiful relationship between creative agency and client. Through our dynamic integrated brand identity campaign, we were able to reflect the brand's essence---which exudes a sleek, classic, timeless appeal---through stunning visuals displayed boldly across multiple platforms. "Modern" doesn't even begin to touch this brand's fresh, iconic facelift.

"What's Unique? The TH Estate Wines label is literally a scaled up version of their logo; graphic, bold, and memorable. If a person has seen the wine label, they know the winery's iconic identity—even if they haven't seen anything outside the package. The wine cork is printed and highlighted. Removing the foil and revealing the cork is a considered experience in the design of the TH Estate Wines packaging. "

 - Lindsay Masten, Juice Art Director

Credits: Dina Mande, Creative Director, Photographer; Lindsay Masten, Art Director




Category: Video Editing
Award: SilverAdvertiser: Visit California

The Dream Eater Series is big and boisterous; a whirlwind of colorful California excursions, hilarious gags, and cutaways to the most delicious, gorgeous food you've ever laid eyes on. The question: "How do we pull all of these fun elements together without sending our viewers into a tizzy?" The answer: Editing! Editing! (And even more editing!) The Juice Crew pulled out all the stops for this lengthy and illustrious project, which took us all over the Golden State. With careful cuts, impeccable timing, and tasteful sound effects, Dream Eater is in a web category all its own. Perhaps that's why the sensational online series has garnered hundreds of thousands of views and counting? We have to say, it's been such a fun project that the Juice team cannot wait to get back on the road again for seconds.

Credits: Dina Mande, Director; Chelsea Schmitz, Camera Operator; Matthew Mattson, Editor; Producer Liz Ross, Creative Director, Kerry Krasts, Art Director Colm Conn


Category: Webisodes
Award: Silver
Advertiser: Twomey Cellars

Juice isn't just interested in creating pretty visuals and jaw-dropping ad campaigns. We care about substance, and that's why we encourage viewers to lean into the conversation and truly come away with knowledge and inspiration. With this award-winning Twomey Vineyard web series, we did just that. Because anyone can showcase a pretty pinot noir vineyard. It takes ingenuity and Juice to showcase just how that vineyard's terroir exudes that special je ne sais quoi.

Credits: Dina Mande, Director; Chelsea Schmitz, Camera Operator; Matthew Mattson, Audio; Tony DeGarimore, Drone Pilot


Category: Photography Campaign
Award: Silver

Visiting a stunning, scenic place like Morro Bay in person is one thing. Translating that incredible beauty through careful visual marketing another. Just how do you capture the salty sea spray, dappled beaches, and epic presence of Morro Rock through still photography? Well, Juice gave it a shot and succeeded with flying colors! We found that it truly is the people that make the place (even a place as inviting as Morro Bay), and we aimed to show intimate, authentic moments that ring true to the most savvy tourists. Is that the sound of seagulls, splashing waves, and laughing children I hear? Thank goodness Juice headquarters is only a hop, skip, and a jump from this coastal oasis that we proudly call "client."

Credits: Dina Mande, Photographer & Creative Director

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